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How Blow Molding Machinery is used for Producing Pet Bottles?

The 20th century witnessed the rise of plastic industry. It steadily replaced glass wares.  Plastic utensils were light weight, flexible and durable. These advantages made plastic PET bottles a household name.  Even now they’re very popular in the market.

These bottles are produced by Blow Molding Machinery. The production process goes like this.  The basic raw materials are Ethylene Glycol and Dimetyl Terephthalate. They are mixed together in the initial stage. Then the mixture is melted to form a liquid solution. The next step involves the plastic mold injection machinery. The liquefied material is molded to shape of the test tube. The bottle cap maintains the thread on the top.

A conveyor takes the tubes to the heater. Conveyor generally uses chain to nozzles in this step. The tubes are heated and the tubes become highly supple. Needless to say, this is the ideal state to form the PET bottles. The last step involve shot air, which is used to give tubes their final shape.That’s how blow molding equipments are used to manufacture PET bottles.

The next step is quality testing. This step is very important in the manufacturing process. It involves numerous tests. The tests ensure that the final products are ready to hit the market shelves.  Some common tests are top load tests, pressure tests, soil test, transparency and torque test. If the product passes all the above mentioned tests, it is put up for sale.

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